Cigar Rituals

Summer evening cigar in Plac Bankowy in Warsaw
Summer evening cigar in Plac Bankowy in Warsaw

The Magic of Rituals

This is not only about cigars. Or rather there is not about cigars at all. Rituals… We fill our life with ceremonies like during dreaming… Morning coffee, Sunday dinner, buying souvenirs in each trip destination, meditations, prayers – of course, there are big and small rituals, but we like rituals.

We love all these activities that fill our life with content, and if so, also with a meaning. We love this chain of actions, words and feelings that allows you to send an endless turn of thoughts to holiday. We like to think, but sometimes we want to rest even from ourselves. All creators of the advertisement fling us this hook by creating their sales rituals, but you know, they want to sell more – but what do we want ourselves?

Perfect Harmony

I like rituals. I also love this state of predictability, when all thoughts are arranged in a sequence of crystal brightness what will happen in a moment, when without being guilty you can hide in the best hideout of the world inside of yourself. And at the same time stay here and now. Well, finally, you can lose responsibility for the past and for the future. In fact, it is very easy to experience only this one true moment, always located in the present, as simple and as fleeting as smoke of a cigar.

A blank card

To experience this moment when you do not have to run away from the past, often without clear knowledge of what I’m getting into when chasing the future. The ritual is like a bridge that not only connects the two banks “before” and “after”, but also allows for a moment to disappear from the matrix screens and be “now” but also… nowhere. A blank card, a pure moment of truth supported by a celebration of repeatability. You can fill this sheet, you can leave it empty, but you will be richer with one more experience.

Rituals are like bridges

I really like rituals. However, rituals offer an opportunity; they do not fill the emptiness, do not invent another thought and do not suggest what do you have to feel – only this person on the bridge can do it. But for now, let this person immerse in the ritual peace of the moment between: a moment of stillness, a moment without time, a moment that we can create with such lightness.

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