Going to Spain on a Harley

Mandalas by Elena Tronina. Exhibition at Jack's Motorcycles Service Parts Garage.
Mandalas by Elena Tronina. Exhibition at Jack’s Motorcycles Service Parts Garage.

Independence has become one of the totems of our reality. In the pursuit of independence and being independent, we try to forget and pretend that we don’t need anyone else.

Being independent and self-sufficient is no longer just fashionable. If you want to “exist” – then you must be. If you admit you need support, then you are a weakling, an unsuccessful loser. A real tough guy or tough woman don’t need anyone, they can handle it with a fierce expression on their faces – and we like movie posters.

Hardness does not require loneliness

We are afraid to use the word ‘dependence’, which takes on a clearly negative meaning, because, despite proclaiming that we do not need anyone else, at the same time we are afraid of being sentenced to banishment and being removed from the blaze of success, which radiates every post on FB. Saying that you feel connected to someone, that you need a hug, the presence of kind people – becomes, if not a shameful, but somewhat embarrassing topic. But the wind that blows in the face of movie tough guys often breaks the heart and distorts the soul of real people in real life.

Hardness does not require loneliness, we really need a lot more hardness that to be with all those people around us – the people we desperately need. We need them to ask why we cry when they see a tear in your eye, we need them to be silent together, when we need a moment of peace, we need them to shake hands to help get up, or just smile at us to let them know that this next day will be good…

Going to Spain on a Harley
Going to Spain on a Harley


A lonely man is unhappy, and an unhappy man is buying more. An unfortunate person is prone to manipulation and it is easier to convince him that he is surrounded by a wall. It is much simpler to intimidate such a man and force him to believe that he means nothing and can do nothing. If it’s good for someone, it’s definitely not for this man. Corporations have distorted the meaning of “team spirit” and now even “group spirit” is associated with something artificial and forced.

Travel changes

But just go on a journey. There you will feel the real wind, which does not destroy, but exfoliates the truth and dispels the imaginary walls. There, on the journey, you have to go ahead, but it is not a shame to turn around and look back – because you check if others manage. There, on the road, you do not bypass someone in trouble, just stop to get help, because you know that behind the corner, there may be another one that you may not fit in this time. There, on a journey, you learn that the best passenger is the one you don’t feel. And you ask yourself, isn’t it exactly like in life?

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