Spitsbergen – Beauty and Happiness Therapy

Spitsbergen - Elena Tronina
Spitsbergen – Elena Tronina

Happiness at the cellular level and other responsibilities, besides admiring glaciers. That’s what this text is about.

When the list of places and attractions grows and you want to tell so much, when the whole long polar day is filled with impressions, and the trip has reached the reflective “half” point and we call the Azymut yacht completely naturally and without metaphorically, I think this is the right moment for a small summary – how is time going by.

Extraordinary Everyday Life

Here on Azymut yacht, even in everyday life, there is no routine, although this does not mean that we have no responsibilities.

Life is divided by 2 hour watches into 8 hour episodes. There is also a caboose duty. And a very useful habit that I would like to take to my everyday life is the habit of putting things in place, maintaining order and cleaning up after myself. Did I scare you?

But what to be afraid of – duties are only the axis of the narrative. And besides, duties performed with pleasure are actually just enriching the expedition with further experiences.

Alone with the Sea

Take watch, for example. Even I, a person who is on a ship for the first time in my life, can do such a watch. First, the ship is guided alone and the captain is constantly watching over everything. And these two hours alone with myself and the sea – I would not exchange this part of the trip for anything else.

Sailing expedition to Spitsbergen in 2018
Sailing expedition to Spitsbergen in 2018

Onboard rhythm

At first, it may be difficult to get used to this 8-hour rhythm, but it is the only rhythm that replaces our usual “day-night”. I can’t find a word other than “amazing” to describe the experience of losing time.

We even made a joke: when we say that something happened today, we ask whether it was yesterday today or today, or maybe it was tomorrow… here we are only experiencing the thesis that time is relative. It can be sunny and in the middle of the night and the watch marks a time point from and to. Like pins, they pin events to reality. We stopped using watches to measure time, the time passes between watches.

The Beauty of the Surrounding World

And the time goes by very pleasantly. The beauty of passing views is included in the series of days lived. He never ceases to delight, but although so volatile, he is permanently inscribed in our reality. Just as in everyday life, shared meals are inscribed, when the word common is not only used to define space, but to define spirit.

Everyday life is also the warmth of the cabin when you return to the land chilled cold after landing. But among these everyday pleasures there are a few that you can truly envy us and which, although they will not take up any space in your hand luggage, are so huge and durable that no pumice of future days will be able to wipe away the vividness of the lived.

Glaciers in the Sun

Have you seen glaciers in the midnight sun? Have you heard the sound of the breaking icebergs of the calving glacier, or have you seen all these shades of white and blue, the transparency of a thousand year old ice floe. Do you think I’m abusing the word “ice”?


After seeing Spitsbergen, the word wants to be abused, its tongue turned, like candy, a taste you don’t want to forget. Ice is happiness at the cellular level.

The view of the glacier in the sunshine describes the majestic word the most, but it even more describes its silence. Maybe it was over an hour, and for us only an uninterrupted minute of silence, silence of falling into each other, a minute of sufficiency only of this ongoing moment. In fact, we were not there, a better version of ourselves looked at the glacier, better, more open to the truth, fuller and … happier.

Absolute Happiness

I always thought that a moment of absolute happiness, agreement with each other would come together with fireworks and maybe with a bright banner like: “Now you have me. Your luck”. And here, simply, as usual, in silence discreetly emphasised by the sound of melting ice, you realise that from now on you want to call yourself a happy person. That you look at things so unspeakably beautiful that now you can do everything, including believing in yourself, reconciling with yourself and stop fighting.

And now, even remembering this feeling will be like a way home, in every reality you will be able to find your way if you have undergone a renewal process at the cellular level. Place Spitsbergen. Real time. Therapy selected individually by your own heart.

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